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ARTIST HOMES brings together great artists with people that enjoy art, people that want to learn from artists and people that just love art.
At ARTIST HOMES artists get the chance to live their passion of art through opportunities to perform and exhibit. In addition, it provides the perfect place for artists to teach and share their talent. ARTIST HOMES also connects artists with supporters who value art and are willing to invest.
Through this combination, we believe that passionate artists get a true chance to make a living through art.

Welcome to Artist Homes' blog

InformationPosted by Artist Homes Sat, July 09, 2016 17:42:02
Everyone that has already visited us in our "art bunker" and then have gone onto our homepage to stay in touch might have thought that it is not really an interactive side and also not always up-to-date. It is also not as personal as we wished it could be.

Whether this blog will solve all of these restrictions? Who knows.
At least, we can now say that we try to reach you all: our website in German, facebook a lot of times in Korean and this blog at least starting in English.

Welcome! And as our underlying motto for Artist Homes: let's see ^^ Have a great day ahead!