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ARTIST HOMES brings together great artists with people that enjoy art, people that want to learn from artists and people that just love art.
At ARTIST HOMES artists get the chance to live their passion of art through opportunities to perform and exhibit. In addition, it provides the perfect place for artists to teach and share their talent. ARTIST HOMES also connects artists with supporters who value art and are willing to invest.
Through this combination, we believe that passionate artists get a true chance to make a living through art.

Just a thought

ReflectionsPosted by Artist Homes Mon, July 18, 2016 19:32:40
Bildergebnis für artNobody says opening a new business is easy. Maybe some enterpreneurs are brave enough to do so, but not us. We are much too risk-averse to ever do so. Also, I am an artist, so I might be creative, but not creative enough for an adventure.... well, that's what we thought... until at least a year ago... or actually even now...

So, ...
- How did we get into this? We can't really tell!
- Will we be successful? We don't know!
- Will we continue? Yes! ... and be it the craziest thing that you should definitely not do ^^